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Here you will find any information you are looking for when it comes to Mustang Hot Wheels. Any variation that is found is on this site and with pictures if possible. Looking for information about that certain Mustang variation? HW Stangs has you covered.This page is constantly updated as new variations are found and as new castings come out. If you have any ideas for the site, they can be sent to the site via e-mail at admin@hwstangs.com.

Also if you find a Mustang variation that is not listed on the site, you can e-mail pictures and a description of it to variations@hwstangs.com. Please send pictures of the cars rivets when sending about wheel variations.

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custom '67 Mustang

custom '67 Mustang

custom '67 Mustang

custom '67 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

'69 Mustang Boss 302

'69 Mustang Boss 302

'69 Mustang Boss 302

'69 Mustang Boss 302

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Coming soon to the database! A 180 degree look to show you exactly what the casting looks like! A sample GIF is below. A new parameter wiill be created with a link to the GIF file.
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The 2016 HW Stangs Club Mustangs

HW Stangs 2016, This site is not associated with Mattel Inc., it's a dedicated hobby site.
Here is a list of hard to find Mustang wheel variations to watch out for! These were found carded. This list will stay updated!

Collector #623 - Mustang Cobra - Pink with 5 Spoke wheels

Collector #670 - '70 Mustang Mach 1 - Yellow with 5 DOT wheels

Collector #974 - Mustang Cobra - White with 5 spoke wheels

2001 #112 - '70 Mustang Mach 1 - Silver with 5 spoke wheels

2006 #125 - '70 Mustang Mach 1 - Blue with 5 spoke wheels

2007 #004 - '69 Mustang - Black with PR5 wheels

   White with PR5 wheels

 Red with 5 spoke wheels

2008 #027 - '65 Mustang Fastback - Silver with silver OH5 wheels

2009 #041 - '10 Mustang GT - Yellow with 5 spoke wheels

2010 #138 - '07 Shelby GT-500 - Burgundy with chrome OH5 wheels


Blue with chrome OH5 wheels

Green with chrome OH5 wheels

2011 #021 - '69 Shelby GT-500 Convertible - Red with 5 spoke wheels

         #101 - '67 Shelby GT-500 - Tan with black PR5 wheels

2012 #116 - '67 Mustang Coupe - Brown with 5 spoke wheels

2013 #237 - '65 Mustang Fastback - Light blue with PR5 wheels

2013 #106 - '13 Mustang GT - White with 5 spoke wheels

2014 #098 - custom '67 Mustang - Blue with chrome lipped MC5 wheels

2015  #195 - '69 Mustang Boss 302 - Orange with black 10 spokes

         #240 - custom '12 Mustang - Blue with white OH5 wheels

         #242 - '65 Mustang Fastback - Silver with J5 wheels

#240 - custom '12 Mustang - Blue and green with white OH5's

         #247 - '15 Mustang GT - Silver with chrome PR5's

2016 #060 - '10 Mustang GT - Yellow with red lipped PR5's

2016 #087 - Ford Shelby GT-350R - Dark blue with grey Y5's

 #105 - '68 Shelby GT-500 - Dark green with yellow lipped OH5's

  Orange with chrome lipped OH5's

2017 - #213 - Ford Shelby GT-350R with blue lipped MC5's

Multipack Wheel Variations

'10 Shelby GT-500 Super Snake - these were found in multipacks in 2011.

'68 Shelby GT-500 with chrome lipped OH5's

Found in 3 packs in 2013/2014

'67 Shelby GT-500 with yellow lipped OH5's

Found in a 2013 multipack

'99 Mustang with chrome Y5 wheels

Found in a 2015 multipack

'99 Mustang with chrome J5 wheels

Found in a 2014 multipack

'69 Mustang with all orange OH5's

Found in the Heat Fleet 5 pack in 2008

Wal-Mart Exclusive Ford Performance '65 Mustang Fastback with OH5's