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If you collect the '67 Shelby GT-500 casting, this review is for sure one you want to check out! The 2017 HW Flames 5 pack has begun to hit stores across the nation. In that 5 pack, you will find one Mustang casting that looks amazing! It's indeed, the '67 Shelby GT-500 done in black, with flames on the sides. This Mustang looks really good, and is probably one of the better looking Mustangs Hot Wheels has released as of late. It has red 5 spokes, which go with the car really well, as it also has red interior! Hopefully this 5 pack will be found plentiful, and won't be a very hard one to track down. Here are some photo's of the Shelby...

Now that's one sharp Mustang eh? I hope anyone that collects this casting can find it easily!