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Coval ARC-01 Review

In the diecast hobby, displaying your collection is one of the perks of collecting. In this review, I will be looking at a new display case just released by Coval. Coval sells a nice line of display cases, ranging from single pack displays, all the way to multi car displays.

The product in this review is the Coval ARC-01. This is a single pack acrylic display case, that is one of the best single pack displays I have ever seen. It comes not come assembled, but assembling is easy, and it comes with instructions, and parts to put it together with. You do have to be careful when assembling not to make the screws too tight. Doing so will make the acrylic crack. Under good lighting, this display shines, and looks really great! Coval did a great job coming up with it, and I'm sure collectors will be buying these to display their cars. Photo's do this product no justice! Here are some photo's......





So what do you think? Myself, I really like it, and will be adding more of these to display more of my cars in. Thanks for checking out this review!

A Small Glimpse Into The Diecast Hobby

I want to take this time to discuss the diecast hobby and explain some things in it, that hopefully will make a non collector understand what makes this hobby what it is.

Most newcomers to the hobby have a lot of questions when they first start collecting. The most asked question that is thrown around in the hobby is What's it worth? Diecast is just like anything that can be sold, and bought. A car is only worth whatever the buyer is willing spend on it. Diecast can be found on the secondary market. What I mean by secondary market is, anywhere you can buy diecast outside of retail. E-Bay, The Toy Peddler, and social media. These are places where diecast can be bought and sold by individual collectors, and sellers. Newer released diecast isn't going to bring much on the secondary market, unless it happened to be a part of a short run series, and not easy to find at the retail level. On the other hand, older, vintage diecast can bring good money on the secondary market, but there are two factors that determine that. One factor being condition! Condition is everything when it comes to collecting vintage diecast. A dead mint car will bring more money than a car with a lot of chips in the paint and such. If the car happens to still be carded, and still in package, it will be worth even more! Vintage diecast in dead mint condition will only go up in value over time. The second, and last deciding factor in vintage diecast, is popularity. If the car is collected by most collectors, the cars popularity will most certainly drive prices up, because you'll have multiple collectors looking for that certain piece.

I'm often asked where do I find some of my rare Mustangs. I do search eBay often but a majority of my rare stuff comes from other well known, reputable collectors. Social media has changed the hobby so much, and has had a good, and bad impact on it. Just like in every hobby, you have the bad apples that make the hobby look bad, but the good collectors way outnumber the bad ones. Research is the key when wanting to find those rare, hard to find pieces. If you don't know what exist, and where it originated from, then your not going to exactly know where to find what your looking for. You have to do your "homework", and research what's out there, and where you might find whatever it is your looking for. The older vintage diecast isn't getting any easier to find, and it's slowly disappearing. There are numerous amounts of collectors in this hobby, and most are in it for the fun. You do have those that like to buy cheap, and sell high so they can flip pieces and make easy cash.

The newer diecast coming out, most of it is released by the masses, and can be found really easy. This is an area where the hobby has changed so much over the years. Within the past 10-15 years, you now have store exclusive cars, which means the car is limited to only one store. Stores that have been known to have store exclusive cars include Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Wal-Greens, AutoZone, and Sears. These store exclusives can be a little hard to find "in the wild" in some areas. What I mean by "in the wild" is that, it's being found in the store, on the pegs.

I hope after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the diecast hobby, and how it works. If your looking at the hobby from the outside, I hope you can really see that the diecast hobby is a hobby that can be tons of fun.

2017 Vintage American Muscle Set

A new Wal-Mart exclusive set will begin appearing in Wal-Mart stores across the nation in January! In that set, are two very nice Mustangs! The card art for this series looks very good! It seems like the card art keeps getting better and better! The set will have a total of 10 castings, with these 2 Mustangs casting.....

'67 Ford Mustang Coupe




'70 Mustang Mach 1




These Mustangs are most definitely worthy of being called Vintage American Muscle!

HW Stangs Classifieds


The site now has a new page, and this page is one every Mustang collector must check out! The site now has a classified ads section! The only downfall is that you must e-mail the site with what your wanting listed on the page. You can e-mail classified@hwstangs.com to have your ad posted. In the e-mail you must specify these things:

1. Price.

2. What your selling.

3. Shipping information.

4. Any additional infomation you'd like to include in the description.

You also must include 2-3 photo's in the e-mail. You can access the page by clicking on the logo in this post. A logo will be posted on the site's main page soon!

HW Stangs Club 2017 Rules

Here are the official rules for the 2017 HW Stangs club memberships.

2017 will see a few changes in the club and they will be for the good hopefully. The very first week will be the window for real riders submission. What this is, is a window for anyone who wants to donate Mustangs with real riders for the 2018 VIP casting. Anyone donating must donate Mustangs with the same kind of real riders, or 10 of the same mainline Mustangs with 10 sets of the same real riders. This window will be open to anyone willing to donate, except Admins of the group.

After the real riders submission window closes, I will take all the submission, and create a poll with them. The next window will open in February, and will stay open for 2 weeks. This window will be the voting window for the 2018 VIP Mustang with real riders. Any member of the group can vote, except Admins. The member who gets the most votes will get their casting chosen as the 2018 VIP casting, and get a free 2017 VIP membership.

2017 will see the remaining castings cut down to 2, giving the club a total of 30 Mustangs, including the VIP castings. I will also be doing something new, which will be admin cars. Each admin of the group, which there are 4, will get their own Mustang. This is one reason why their not allowed to donate, or vote on the VIP casting.

The 2017-18 membership window will open the week after following the convention in Pittsburgh, which will be April 17th - 24th. Any member, besides the Admins, can buy memberships. The price will be the same as the 2016-17 memberships, which is $25.
Below is a timetable of what is listed in this article.

January 2nd, 2017 - January 9th, 2017 - Real Riders Submission Window
February 6th, 2017 - February 20th, 2017 - Voting Window
April 17th, 2017 - April 24th, 2017 - Membership Window

I hope this makes sense to everyone. If you all have any questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to PM me. I hope the 2017 membership run is as fun as this years was.

2017 B Case '68 Mustang Retool

So the 2017 Hot Wheels have started arriving at stores in the U.S. The A case featured a Mustang New Model, the '15 Mustang GT Convertible. The casting is for sure a hit, as there hasn't been a convertible Mustang released in awhile. The next case, which is the B case, features another Mustang. The Mustang is the Tooned '68 Mustang. But with this Mustang, there is a noticeable change. The word retool comes into play when talking about this change. What a retool is, is a modification, or revision to the tooling, that creates change in the casting. Usually there is a specific reason for the retool. In this case, the main reason is more than likely, cost cutting. Below, there is an image of two Tooned '68 Mustangs. One, being a released from 2003. The other, is the 2017 release.  


See any differences in the castings? If not, then let me show you! Look at the front of the cars. The 2003 release, has an all metal front end, while the 2017 release, has metal headlights, but an all plastic grille, bumper, and chin spoiler. Here is a better image that shows the changes. 


Also, if you will notice, the blower on the 2017 release is way smaller. The 2003 release has the blower all the way to the front of the windshield, where the 2017 release has it a bit away from the windshield. That's just part of the retool, as we turn the cars around to show the taillights....


Now this change is very noticeable, as you can probably see. The rear bumper, and taillights, are all one piece. On the 2003 release, the rear bumper was made into the base of the car. On the 2017 release, the rear bumper is now a part of the taillights, side exhaust, blower, grille, and front bumper.


The other noticeable change not pictured here, is that the new tool now uses two rivets, instead of one.


This isn't the first time we've seen this much change on a casting. Some changes are for the good, some are for the bad, but this retool is one that will for sure take time to get use to. 



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