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Here you will find any information you are looking for when it comes to Mustang Hot Wheels. Any variation that is found is on this site and with pictures if possible. Looking for information about that certain Mustang variation? HW Stangs has you covered.This page is constantly updated as new variations are found and as new castings come out. If you have any ideas for the site, they can be sent to the site via e-mail at admin@hwstangs.com.

Also if you find a Mustang variation that is not listed on the site, you can e-mail pictures and a description of it to variations@hwstangs.com. Please send pictures of the cars rivets when sending about wheel variations.

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Thanks for checking the page out and I hope you enjoyed it and found the information you were looking for! All the support is greatly appreciated! If you have any questions you can always reach me via e-mail at jason@hwstangs.com. I'm a Hot Wheels Mustang historian. Also be sure to check out HW Stangs article in every issue of the Hot Wheels Newsletter! Named a favorite diecast related site among HobbyDB.com employees in 2016!

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custom '67 Mustang

custom '67 Mustang

custom '67 Mustang

custom '67 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

2016 VIP '92 Mustang

'69 Mustang Boss 302

'69 Mustang Boss 302

'69 Mustang Boss 302

'69 Mustang Boss 302

Check out the video HERE from our friend's over on HobbyDB, as they interview Larry Wood, and Bob Rosas! The author of this site get his question answered by ex Hot Wheels designer, Larry Wood!
This site was founded, and is administrated by Jason Duncan

Site Last Updated: 12/27/16
Coming soon to the database! A 180 degree look to show you exactly what the casting looks like! A sample GIF is below. A new parameter wiill be created with a link to the GIF file.
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The 2016 HW Stangs Club Mustangs

How & When Was HW Stangs Founded?

I picked up my first Mustang Hot Wheels in 2005. Never really thought much about getting into collecting at the time. Fast forward to 2010, I pick up a few other Mustangs, along with the HWC exclusive Mustang Mania box set. At that point, that's when I begin the journey of tracking down every Mustang I could get my hands on. I first created a HW Stangs Facebook fan page on September 11 2011, and began posting about new Mustangs coming out, as well as different Mustang variations being found. About two years later, on June 1, 2013 with a collection of just over 100 Mustangs, I started the HW Stangs Facebook group. The goal was to create a place where Mustang collectors around the world could discuss, sell, and trade Mustang Hot Wheels. The group slowly grew and begin to take off. After having the fan page on Facebook for over 2 years, I then created the HW Stangs blog over on blogger.com. I slowly begin posting stuff to the blog, and actually didn't really post much for the first year. After the first year is when the blog really saw action, getting over 30,000 hits, and the whole idea behind the website came into plan. I bought the domain, www.hwstangs.com, which is the domain this site currently is on. I set the domain up to redirect to the blogger.com blog. After about 2 years, of having the domain directed to the blog, I then decide to get a paid hosting account and run an actual website like you see here. I transferred the site to the paid hosting account on May 27th, 2016. Today, the site is still growing, and has over 800 followers on Facebook, with over 400 different Mustang collectors in the Facebook group. Since transferring to the paid hosting plan, the site has almost 700,000 hits! (December 24th, 2016)

The main goal for the foundation of HW Stangs is to educate collectors of all the Mustangs Hot Wheels puts out and to learn the history of the Mustangs that have came out since 1968. I reach out to every Mustang collector globally and do my best to help out any fellow collector! Also, whether it's a wheel variation or an interior variation, HW Stangs is here to let collectors know which variations are being found on the pegs. HW Stangs also wants collectors to know which Mustangs are coming out and will post updates on which Mustang castings are being found. Any Mustang that is coming out will be posted on here! If your a die hard Mustang collector, this site is for you! This site is constantly being updated as new Mustangs are released or new variations are found. I've dedicated over 50 hours of time into this site and have enjoyed every minute of it! As far as I know, this is the only site that is dedicated to just one car model that Hot Wheels produces. This site will only get better as time goes by and will evolve over time!

One thing you will not see on this site are pictures of unreleased Mustangs. All pictures are either from my own collection or from retail finds from other fellow Mustang collectors or myself. All information entered on the site is also legit. I try my very best to do my research when writing articles about certain Mustangs.

About The HW Stangs Club.....

In 2016, the HW Stangs Club was founded in the HW Stangs Facebook group. This club is exclusive to the HW Stangs Facebook group, and consist of three different Mustang castings each year, with ten of each Mustang available to buy. The first casting offered is called the VIP casting, and then it's followed by the two other Mustang castings. The club memberships are sold in a week window, and Chris "knightstalker" Walker creates the custom Mustangs. In 2016, 29 Mustangs were sold, with five being sold overseas.

About The HW Stangs Database.....

The HW Stangs database, is managed by Andy Springsteen. Andy, is an avid Mustang collector from North Carolina,
and has a pretty extensive collection. He is in charge of making sure all of the data gets entered into the database, as well as, making sure the photo's stay up to date. Any new photo's are sent to him, to be uploaded to the database, and the corresponding information entered. The database will eventually have information on every Mustang Hot Wheels. I'd like to thank Andy, for his contribution to the site, and for the help he has provided.

About the HW Stangs Variation Network, Android App, and Newsletter.....

Ever been to a store and forgot which variation you were suppose to be looking for? The HW Stangs Variation Network can solve that problem! Every time a new Mustang variation is released or found, a text will be sent to your cell phone with a picture of the variation and a short description on what to look for. That way, you don't have to waste time searching eBay or some other sites for a picture. It's all right there on your phone, which will give you more hunting time. I highly recommend signing up for it if your a variation collector. The HW Stangs Variation Network will keep you one step ahead!

Also you can check out the HW Stangs Android app available for download on Google Play. I have included a link on the left side of the site! It includes pretty much all of the informational pages that are found on the actual website. This app will regularly be updated as more Mustangs are released.

Another great thing I have started is a monthly Newsletter. Anyone that signs up will receive it via e-mail. It will include descriptions and pictures of what Mustangs are coming out that month, as well as what variations are being found on Mustangs at that time. It will also include a special section that will be called "Casting Of The Month". That section will highlight one Mustang casting per month. Another idea I am working on is a section for "Collector Of The Month", where I will be spotlighting one Mustang collector per month. That idea is still in the works!

About the HW Stangs Collectors Panel.....

The HW Stangs Collectors Panel was created to better help with educating and spreading the knowledge of Hot Wheels Mustangs. If there is a Mustang casting that you have a question about then you can contact one of these very knowledgeable Mustang collectors. They've been collecting Mustangs for awhile and know a lot about them. You can either contact them via e-mail or they are also in the HW Stangs Facebook group. The collectors panel also helps the authors of the site as they provide any information needed for the site.

About the HW Stangs Authors Panel.....

The HW Stangs Authors Panel was created for two reasons. It serves as the main way for the contributors for the site to communicate and collaborate on what articles to post and what work is being done on the site. Second, it serves as a platform to use the resources at hand when posting about certain Mustang castings. What I mean by this is, they can use the collectors panel to help obtain information and photos when posting about Mustangs.

About Founder, The Author, and Website Administrator Of HW Stangs.....

My name is Jason Duncan, and I started collecting Mustang Hot Wheels in 2010. Soon after I started collecting, the whole idea behind this site began to unfold. My collection includes over 800 different Mustangs. I'm an avid Mustang enthusiast, avid Mustang hunter (picker), as well as an avid Mustang collector. My collection includes some very hard to find conversational pieces. If there is a Mustang variation out there more than likely I know about it. If I don't then it's either a new release, or just a Mustang that has slipped by me. If you want to check out my private collection click here!

I want to thank everyone that has visited this site and I hope it serves the purpose I intend for it to do. I also want to thank everyone who has helped contribute to this site and for all the dedicated Mustang collectors like myself. All the help is definitely appreciated, as is all of the awesome feedback about the site from worldwide Mustang collectors. This hobby has gained me many friends and has also showed me a different aspect on diecast Mustangs. With that, I am giving back to the hobby with this site. I'm very proud of this site as it all came together from nothing but a crazy idea! If you are a Hot Wheels collector and collect Mustangs, this site is definitely worth bookmarking! If anyone has any ideas for this site, I can be contacted at jasond02@gmail.com.

Here is my Q&A:

How long have you been collecting Hot Wheels?

Over 6 years

How many Mustangs would you say you have in your collection?

Over 800

How many different Mustang castings does your collection consist of?

At least one of each one!

Does your collection consist of any Mustang red lines and if so, which ones?

Carded Hong Kong Base Brown Interior Painted Taillights Custom Mustang from 1968

Red US Base Grey Interior Custom Mustang from 1968.

Carded Hong Kong Base Mustang Stocker from 1976

Enamel White Mustang Stocker With Blue & Red Stripes from 1975.

Yellow Mustang Stocker With Blue & Red Stripes from 1975.

Yellow Mustang Stocker With Magenta & Orange Stripes from 1975.

What would you say your favorite Mustang casting would be?

That's a tough one since I like them all but I do really like the '67 Mustang (Custom)

Which Mustang would you say is your holy grail of your collection?

My enamel white Mustang Stocker redline from 1975!

Does your collection consist of any Mustang prototypes and if so, which ones?

Yes, I have the following prototypes:

RLC '92 Mustang Final Engineering Prototype (FEP)

Shelby GT-350R Prototype

RLC 2008 sELECTIONs '67 Mustang Prototype

'68 TUNED Mustang Prototype

'67 Mustang From The Four Decades of Pony Power Prototype

Have you ever owned a Ford Mustang and which one?

Yes, a couple!

2003 Mustang V6

2017 Mustang Ecoboost
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